Technology on the move

The rapid development of mobile computing has seen the installation of technology into vehicles become more and more common. Businesses including delivery and logistics, law enforcement, emergency services, public safety, telecommunications, utility and the military all rely on in-vehicle tablets, computer screens, portable printers, keyboards and specialised devices.

In vehicle technology – safely and securely

Safety and security are of paramount importance for technology used in a vehicle, and Gamber-Johnson helps its customers ensure that these considerations are given the highest priority. They are experts in and a leading supplier of rugged computer mounting systems and vehicle mounting components. Installed in thousands of fleets worldwide, Gamber-Johnson mounts and docking systems are trusted to do the job of keeping equipment and users safe and secure, and are tailored to the vehicle, whether public safety, fleet or materials handling.

Gamber-Johnson offers a range of solutions, tailored to different users’ needs.  The portfolio includes:

  • Docking stations – for tablets and PCs that are used with peripheral devices such as printers and keyboards, a docking station replicates the system’s ports. Peripherals using Ethernet, USB and RF attach directly to the docking station for ease of use.
  • Cradles – if a tablets or PC does not use attached devices, a cradle (which has no port replication) is ideal to keep it safe and secure.
  • Mounts for portable printers and keyboards – specialised mounts for peripheral devices
  • Motion attachment - If the system needs to be used or viewed from more than one position, a motion attachment gives the ability to swivel, tilt or slide the computer to the required position.
  • MAX3 – for small, lightweight (up to 3.2kg) devices that need to be used at a range of angles, the MAX3 is an encapsulated knuckle that allows rotation to any angle